Do You Really Know How Old You Are?

Are you aging faster or slower than your classmates? Your body has two ages, a chronological age which is how many years you have been on the planet, and biological age, your body’s health risk factor. BioViva measures your biological age. 

An epigenetic test measures the dynamic process of methylation in your DNA. Changes in methylation occur with changes in your lifestyle and with aging. DNA methylation testing is a reliable measure of your biological age.

BioViva’s TimeKeeper™ gives you the most data on the market, so your information can grow with scientific discovery. 

Learn how your lifestyle is working by taking the test that is the best measurement of biological aging!


  • Easy to use – saliva-based sample
  • Most data available
  • You own your data – download your raw data anytime
  • Get several data points on different aging markers
  • Save money on interventions that don’t work
  • 1-year free BioKeeper™ Vault storage
  • Help BioViva find a cure for aging 


  • Uses the InfiniumTM MethylationEPIC BeadChip from Illumina
  • Tests for 850,000 methylation sites – most on the market
  • >98% reproducibility
  • PCR-free protocol with Infinium HD Assay
  • Multiple clocks for home or research use
  • Results typically ready in 4-6 weeks

With every purchase of the TimeKeeper™, you will get 1 year free of the  BioViva BioVault™

Store all your health data in a single location, no more logging into multiple sites to retrieve your data. You can opt-out to maintain your privacy or opt-in to contribute to faster advances in longevity science and gene therapy development. 

You can keep your data private or share your data and contribute to the development of:

  • Creating more accurate biomarkers
  • Faster disease diagnosis
  • Better long term health predictions
  • Health recommendations
  • Expedite precision medicine

BioViva™ goes above and beyond the call of duty. BioVault™ goes the extra mile in protecting user information. The encryption and security measures meet the requirements of HIPAA and the GDPR.

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